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Club History

Norma writes:

Most of us know, I’m sure, what it is to be lonely – if you are one of us who after a busy life – now have our family raised – no job to go to – no one coming in for meals – no place we feel we really need to be at any particular time – yet we still enjoy company & friends etc. – this poem could be for you – I’ve called it…

To Give is To Receive

Do you sometimes get up in the morning
Feeling kind of blue
And think it doesn’t matter
Where you go or what you do?

Cause you don’t seem to be needed
Any special time or place
And ahead of you there’s looming
A long-lonely day to face

Then just about the time
You’re feeling so alone
Coming through the silence
Is the ringing of your phone

Wondering, as you pick it up
Who is at the other end
You find you’re soon conversing
With a very treasured friend

And when the call is over
Perhaps it could be true
That your conversation helped your friend
Just as much as it helped you

Then you make yourself get busy
With some little household chore
When again the silence’s broken
By someone knocking at your door

It turns out to be a neighbour
Whom you’re very glad to see
And you sit and have a visit
Chatting over tea

You share some little problems
And perhaps a laugh or two
I wonder which one of you was happiest
That your neighbour called on you

Then perhaps the mailman
Leaves a special, longed for letter
And before you know, you’re reading it
And feeling so much better

Then you sit and answer it
And take it to the post
I wonder – if the sender or receiver
Enjoyed those letters most

And while you’re quietly walking
Alone along the street
It seems that fate intended
There was someone you should meet

It was someone who was troubled
And needed just to talk
So you go along together
And you listen as you walk

And when at last you parted
She said “You must be Heaven sent”
For you really can’t imagine
What meeting you has meant

Now this is just a sample
Of the things that come your way
But just as sure as you need someone
Someone needed you today

So maybe you could write that letter first
Or make someone’s phone to ringing
Or call upon your neighbour
Or some other thoughtful thing

Then as these events are added up
And lonely hours take wings
You realize how precious
Are the little simple things

So on the quiet of the evening
When you think about your day
Just know God cares and He was guiding
Your every step along the way

He knew you needed someone
And someone also needed you
So think on this each morning
And thank God – and don’t be blue.