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Wednesdays 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

User Fee: $15.00 for members or $17.00 for non-members

Location: Room 4

Remarks: Props such as the chair, blocks, straps and massage balls are used. Please bring your own mat and props (if you have them). Classes are open to everyone, however being able to get to the floor and back up (a longevity skill) is useful and will be part of class.

Classes will cover:

breathing – for stress relief, mental and cardiovascular health and core strength

mobility and stability for healthy joints

bone strength

brain health/cognition

muscular strength including core

And we hope to foster a sense of connection between participants, to make it enjoyable and fun.

Instructor: Anne Baker has been teaching older adults for 30 years and now is one herself! Certified in Fitness for Older Adults, Yoga & Pilates. You’ll find a safe and all inclusive environment with the personal touch of an experienced teacher.

Contact Information:

Email: or Call/Text: 705-441-2258